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2012 Honorary Director Prof Jane Sykes
2011 Honorary Director Dr Noam Pik
2010 Honorary Director Dr Jim Euclid

Honorary contributors are nominated non-financial users who provide intellectual input within their specialty field. There are three types of honorary contributors:

  • Scientific (Corporate) contributors - non-financial, non-sponsoring companies who contribute intellectual content within their corporate market of veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Scientific (Individual) contributors - individual scientists who monitor and update intellectual content in line with Felipedia's ethics of validity, suitability and waiver of copyright. Scientific contributors hold no legal copyright on any material they have contributed to this site, however, copyrighted material used or cited within this website remains the property of the original author(s).

Should you wish to be an honorary contributor, please email us at Admin02.jpg.

  • Technical contributors - technicians who facilitate Felipedia internet exposure, monitor site changes, update software and veto content deemed inappropriate to the general policies of Felipedia (e.g. advertising, graffiti, inappropriate uploads, malware).

Benefactors are the sole financial contributors to Felipedia.

Please note that certain non-resource pages (links, chapter headings, tables of content, etc) are protected from editing by the general readership.

Scientific (Corporate) Field of interest
ASAP Laboratory (Aust) Laboratory medicine
B. Braun, Australia Pty Ltd (Aust) Surgery
Thai Society of Feline Practitioners (Thailand) General medicine
European Advisory Board on Cat Diseases (17 E.U. members) General medicine
Royal Canin (Aust) Feline Nutrition
Wikivet.net (U.K.) General medicine
Jurox (Aust) Pharmacology
Scientific (Individual)
Abu-Madi, Dr Marawan BSc (Hons), PhD (Qatar) Parasitology
Ackermann, Dr Susan, DVM (U.S.A.) General medicine
Addie, Dr Diane, BVMS, PhD (U.K.) General medicine
Atwell, Prof. Rick, BVSc (Hons), PhD, FACVSc (Aust) Thoracic Medicine, Tick paralysis
Barrs, Prof. Vanessa, BVSc (Hons), MVetClinStud, FACVSc, GradCertEd (Aust) General medicine
Bartges, Prof. Joe, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVN (U.S.A.) General medicine
Beatty, Prof. Julia, BSc (Hons), BVetMed, PhD, FACVSc, MRCVS (Aust) Neoplasia, Genetic diseases
Bowman, Prof Dwight D., MS, PhD (U.S.A) Parasitology
deLahunta, Prof. Alexander, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (U.S.A.) Anatomy, Neurology
Dodman, Dr. Nicholas H., BVMS, MRCVS, DACVB (U.S.A) Feline behaviour
Euclid, Dr. Jim, BVSc, BVBiol, MACTM, PhD (Aust) General medicine
Figueiredo, Prof. Juliana, DVM, MS (U.S.A.) General medicine
Fleeman, Dr Linda, BVSc, PhD, MACVSc (Aust) Diabetes
Furneaux, Dr Robert, BVSc (Hons), PhD, DACVS (Aust) General medicine
Goericke-Pesch, Dr Sandra, DrVetMed, PhD (Ger) Reproduction
Gould, Dr David, BSc(Hons) BVM&S PhD MRCVS DVOphthal DipECVO Ophthalmology
Gruffydd-Jones, Prof. Tim, BVMS, PhD (U.K.) General medicine
Harrison, Dr Russell, BVSc, DipPractMgt (Aust) General medicine
Hibbert, Dr Angie, BVSc, CertSAM, DipECVIM-CA, MRCVS (U.K.) General medicine
Horzinek, Prof. Marian, DVM, PhD (Ger) Viral diseases
Jablonski, Ms. Anne (U.S.A.) Nutrition
Judge, Dr. Phil, BVSc, MVS, MACVSc (Aust) Emergency and Critical Care
Keller, Dr. Ninette BVSc (Hons), MMedVet (Aust) General medicine
Krockenberger, Dr Mark BSc, BVSc, PhD, GradCertEdStud, MACVSc, MASM (Aust) Pathology
Kudnig, Dr Simon, BVSc, MVS, MS, FACVSc, Dip.ACVS (Aust) Surgery
Lefebvre, Dr Herve, DVM, PhD, DECVPT (France) General medicine
Lloyd, Dr. Janice, BSc (Hons), PhD (Aust) Feline behaviour
Malik, Prof. Richard, DVSc, PhD, DipVetAn, MVetClinStud, FACVSc, FASM (Aust) General medicine
Mancianti, Prof. Francesca, DVM, PhD (Italy) Parasitology
Mandara, Prof Maria, DVM (Italy) Microbiology
Mitchell, Natasha, MVB, CertVOphthal, MRCVS (Ireland) Ophthalmology
Mitchell, Dr Richard, BSc, BVSc, CertSAS, DECVS (Aust) Surgery
Niessen, Dr Stijn, DVM, DECVIM (U.K) General medicine
Norris, Dr. Jacqui, BVSc (Hons), MVS, PhD, IVAS Cert. Acup. (Aust) General medicine
Nuttall, Dr Tim, BSc, BVSc, CertVD, PhD, CBiol, MSB, MRCVS (U.K.) Dermatology
Otranto, Prof Domenico, BVetMed, PhD, DipEVPC, FRES (Italy) Parasitology
Pennisi, Prof Maria, DVM, PhD (Italy) General medicine
Petric, Prof Aleksandra, DVM, MSc, PhD (Slovenia) General Medicine
Phonsuwan, Dr Araya, DVM, MBA (Thailand) General medicine
Pik, Dr Noam, BVSc, BVMS, MBA, IVAS, MACVS (Aust) Emergency Medicine, Laboratory, Marketing
Plotnick, Dr. Arnold, MS, DVM, DACVIM, DABVP (U.S.A) General medicine
Pomba, Dr Constança, DVM, MSc, PhD (Portugal) Microbiology
Pratelli, Dr Annamaria, DVM, PhD (Italy) General medicine
Robertson, Dr Sheila BVMS (Hons), PhD, DACVA, DECVAA, MRCVS (U.S.A.) General Medicine
Simón, Dr Fernando General medicine
Somlyai, Dr Gabor, BSc, PhD (Hungary) Oncology, chemotherapy
Sykes, Prof Jane BVSc PhD DACVIM General medicine
Wilcox, Dr. Rebbecca, BVSc (Hons), BAnSci (Aust) General medicine
Wiwanitkit, Prof Viroj, MBBS, PhD (Thailand) FIP
CHS Vet (Aust) Software development
Hudson, Ms. Sam, RVN (Aust) Technical
Huebner, Ms. Cherie, RVN (Aust) Technical
Wyte, Andy (Aust) Software development
Tabongphet, Mrs. Laddawan (Thailand) Webmaster

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