WSAVA latest vaccination guidelines

From Cat

All kittens should receive the core vaccines using modified live vaccine (MLV).

Core vaccinations with MLV vaccinations provide up to 9 years of protection and probably lifelong immunity. This is based on challenge and serological studies. Most commercial vaccines now indicate a minimum duration of action of 3-4 years. An interesting fact is that the use of these vaccines for annual revaccination is an extralabel use of the vaccine and should be performed only with the owner s informed consent

A minimum of three doses: one at 8–9 weeks of age, a second 3–4 weeks later and a final dose at 14–16 weeks of age or older should be administered. Cats that respond to MLV core vaccines maintain immunity for many years, in the absence of any repeat vaccination[1].

1st vaccine - Felogen F3 (live) at 6-8 weeks of age

2nd vaccine - Felogen F3 (live) at 12 weeks of age

3rd vaccine - Felogen F3 (live) at 16 weeks of age