Viral diseases

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There are many viruses which infect dogs, some of which cause overt clinical disease while others are asymptomatic.

The properties of viruses which affect dogs are not unique and conform to viruses affecting most other mammalian species.

Virus Disease Transmission Viral Genus Viral family Classification
Aujeszky disease virus (Suid herpesvirus type 1) meningitis, pseudorabies oral Varicellovirus Herpresviridae dsDNA
Canine adenovirus type 1 infectious canine hepatitis aerosol Atadenovirus Adenoviridae dsDNA
Canine adenovirus type 2 kennel cough aerosol Atadenovirus Adenoviridae dsDNA
Canine bocavirus neonatal mortality direct contact, sexual transmission Parvovirinae Parvoviridae ssDNA
Canine influenza virus (H5N1) subclinical aerosol Influenzavirus Orthomyxoviridae ssRNA
Canine distemper virus distemper, kennel cough aerosol Morbillivirus Paramyxoviridae ssRNA
Canine enteric coronavirus diarrhea, systemic disease fecal-oral Coronavirus Coronaviridae ssRNA
Canine hepacivirus respiratory disease fecal-oral Hepacivirus Flaviviridae ssRNA
Canine herpesvirus neonatal deaths, ulcerative keratitis, vaginitis sexual, contact Varicellovirus Herpesviridae dsDNA
Canine influenza virus (Influenza A H5N2) conjunctivitis, rhinitis aerosol Influenzavirus Orthomyxoviridae ssRNA
Canine influenza virus (Influenza A H3N8) kennel cough, hemorrhagic pneumonia aerosol Influenzavirus Orthomyxoviridae ssRNA
Canine papillomavirus oral papillomatosis, endophytic warts, diarrhea oral-fecal Papillomavirus Papillomaviridae dsDNA
Canine parvovirus hemorrhagic diarrhea fecal-oral Parvovirus Parvoviridae ssDNA
Canine parainfluenza virus (CPIV) kennel cough aerosol Respirovirus Paramyxoviridae ssRNA
Canine respiratory coronavirus (CRCoV) systemic disease, kennel cough aerosol Coronavirus Coronaviridae ssRNA
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever nonpathogenic[1] ticks (Hyalomma spp) Nairovirus Bunyaviridae ssRNA
Epstein-Barr virus lymphoma[2] oral ɣ-herpesvirus Herpesviridae dsDNA
Equine herpesvirus 9 pneumonia mosquitoes Rhadinovirus Herpesviridae dsDNA
Everglades virus (Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus) nonpathogenic, zoonotic mosquitoes Alphavirus Togaviridae ssRNA
Japanese encephalitis virus nonpathogenic, zoonotic mosquitoes Flavivirus Flaviviridae ssRNA
Canine kobuvirus gastroenteritis aerosol, direct contact Kobuvirus Picornaviridae ssRNA
Rabies virus rabies, zoonotic saliva Lyssavirus Rhabdoviridae ssRNA
Rotavirus diarrhea fecal-oral Rotavirus Reoviridae dsRNA
Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) meningitis tick (Ixodes spp) Flavivirus Flaviviridae ssRNA
West Nile virus encephalitis, myocarditis, polyarthritis mosquitoes Flavivirus Flaviviridae ssRNA

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