Simian adenovirus

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Simian adenovirus is a primate viral disease belonging to the family: Adenoviridae; Mastadenovirus: Mastadenovirus tree shrew adenovirus[1]. Several simian and chimpanzee serotypes of Mastadenovirus human adenovirus strains.

Mode of transmission: Aerosol.

Disease characteristics: This disease can be asymptomatic. Clinical signs can present as conjunctivitis, respiratory infections, and diarrhea. Pancreatitis has been noted in rhesus monkeys. Severe infections can develop in immunodeficient animals. Pathology is often seen in immunodeficient monkeys, including necrotizing alveolitis and bronchiolitis, pneumonia, necrotizing pancreatitis, and enteritis (intranuclear inclusion bodies).

Diagnosis: Virus isolation and serology. Viral species can be differentiated by DNA on agarose gels, oncogenicity, and G-C% hemagglutination patterns.

Treatment: Supportive therapy.

Prevention: Quarantine new animals, minimize overcrowding, provide good sanitation.


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