Skin diseases

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Below are common skin-associated diseases in mustelids

Disease Skin pathology
Chordoma Lump on tail
Cutaneous lymphoma Multiple erythematous lesions
Malassezia spp seborrhea, dandruff, otitis externa
Ringworm circular alopecia and pruritus
Distemper hyperkeratosis of the digital pads (hard pads)
Mycobacterium spp leprosy-like ulcers
Sebaceous adenoma wart-like growths
Squamous cell carcinoma ulcerated lesions
Basal cell tumor ulcerated lesion on face and limbs
Papillomavirus warts
Demodex spp facial alopecia
Sarcoptes spp facial and trunk alopecia, intense pruritus
Cheyletiella spp generalized alopecia, nonpruritic, walking dandruff
Ticks Visible parasites
Hemangiosarcoma Small erythematous ulcer, often in the hindquarters
Histiocytoma small ulcerated lesions
Leiomyoma nodulare lumps under skin
Anal sac apocrine adenocarcinoma perineal dermatitis and anal gland ulceration