Viral diseases

From Ferret

There are many viruses which infect ferrets, some of which cause overt clinical disease while others are asymptomatic.

The properties of viruses which affect ferrets are not unique and conform to viruses affecting most other mammalian species.

Virus Disease Viral genus Viral family Classification
Astrovirus Shaking mink syndrome Mink astrovirus Astroviridae ssRNA
Coronavirus FSCV, FECV Coronavirinae Coronaviridae ssRNA
Distemper virus Distemper Morbillivirus Paramyxoviridae ssRNA
H1N1 Influenza Influenzavirus A Orthomyxoviridae ssRNA
Hepatitis E[1] Asymptomatic Hepevirus Hepeviridae ssRNA
Papillomavirus Papilloma, squamous cell carcinoma Epsilonpapillomavirus Papillomaviridae dsDNA
Parvovirus Aleutian disease Parvovirus Parvoviridae ssDNA
Rotavirus Diarrhea Rotavirus Reoviridae dsRNA
Lentivirus[2] Asymptomatic Lentivirus Retroviridae ssRNA-RT
Lyssavirus Rabies Lyssavirus Rhabdoviridae ssRNA


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