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Below are listed some of the common drugs used in bovine medicine.

See the FDA Green book for a comprehensive list of approved veterinary medicines.

Drug (cats)

Indications Dose Route Frequency
Chloramphenicol Bacterial infections 50 mg/kg PO q 8 - 12 hrs
Doxycycline Bacterial infections, Dirofilaria spp 10-20 mg/kg PO q 24 hrs
Enrofloxacin Bacterial infections 5 mg/kg IM 10 days
Griseofulvin Fungal infections 50 mg/kg PO 4 weeks
Ivermectin Parasites 50 mg/kg PO, SQ stat
Ketamine Anesthesia 20 - 50 mg/kg IM stat
Ketoprofen Anti-inflammatory 3 mg/kg IM as needed
Metronidazole Bacterial infections 50 mg/kg PO, SQ q 12 hours
Praziquantel Cestodes, Trematodes 40-100 mg/kg PO stat