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This breed is very recent. The breeding of the Teddy rabbit is not highly developed in Belgium and France at this time. Moreover, this race is not recognized yet officially. And the Teddy rabbit thus does not have his standard. In Germany, on the other hand, the race is into full essort. One can find very beautiful subjects there, of homogeneous quality. Its morphology is copied there on the standard of the dwarf rabbit.

What characterizes this rabbit, it is its fur. It is equipped with long hairs on all the body but also on the level of the head. The hair must measure 5-6 cm length. It is the presence of long hairs besides on the head which differentiates it from the Angora rabbit(Fuzzy Lop) or from Cashmère. Some Teddys can even have the hair longer than the Angora rabbit. On a purely comparative basis, it is in the cunicole world what the Persan one is with the cat-like gente. One meets it in all the colors of the traditional dwarf rabbit.


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