Argente St Hubert

From Rabbit

The St Hubert Argent breed is a heavily silvered black agouti rabbit already well established in France in the 1880's. It included the genes of wild European rabbits with Champagnes, Belgian hares and common French farm rabbits. Once extinct in its native France, the breed was resurrected in France using Champagnes and Belgian Hares, and recognized in its native land in 1993. In the UK, the Saint Hubert Argent weighs 2.72 kg (6lb).

Taking a black agouti, or wild-colored, rabbit and then dusting it with a silvered pelt creates the unique coloration of the Argente St. Hubert. Possessing a blue-gray fur near the skin, the coat then changes to a rich orange or red ring and then has a distinctive black tip on the hairs that have not lost their pigment or become "silvered."