German Angora

From Rabbit

The German Angora breed was developed in Germany around 1777 and was a registered breed in the first German rabbit show held in Chemnitz, Germany, in 1885.

German Angora fibre comes only in white. There are no coloured pure German Angoras. The white colour makes it attractive for the market for dying. It is one of the the lightest and warmest natural materials available, with a micron of 2-14 (compared to superfine Merino in the 16-20 range). A very special quality of Angora fibre is that it seems to have pain relieving properties. It soothes pain caused by arthitis and rheumatism, and it is ideal for thermal underwear. Angora fibre can be spun without washing or carding. It is odour-free and grease-free. The fibre has anti-static properties and repels dirt naturally. The German Angora is most efficient converting food to fibre and that makes it an ideal fibre animal. Angora fibre is truely luxurious.