San Juan

From Rabbit

San Juan rabbit breed are the offspring of original European wild rabbits brought to San Juan Island off the coast of Washington State by settlers over 100 years ago. In all those years, interestingly, the colony of rabbits remained localized. The exact reasons are unclear - either because of their extreme friendliness and family attachments, or because the forage is rich on the temperate and rainy San Juan Island, and the rabbits had no need to forage far afield.

The now unique characteristics of San Juan rabbits make the breed a treasure trove of genetic material, especially as the local authorities have taken steps to eradicate the rabbits from the island. Just 500 individuals remain on the island, according to most estimates.

San Juan rabbits are wild-agouti colored and weigh only 3 - 5 1/2 pounds (1.36 - 2.5 kg).